The outcomes of our detailed review of PaperRater company
There are tons of online options that you can use in order to have an easier time with your assignments. Besides choosing an online service that can do the writing for you, there are also sites like that can be used for proofreading.
This process is an important step that can make the difference between mediocre work and work that deserves a good grade. I made this review after I took into consideration what is the quality of the work provided by the site and what other people had to say about it. Of course, I also wrote about how much it is going to cost you. Take a look below on my review of PaperRater.
The people who run Paper Rater speak about an automated tool that is more than capable of proofreading your work. Among its capabilities, I think that I should mention grammar and spell checking, advice on how to fix or improve your writing, plagiarism detection or studied predictions for your grade.
That is what you can find on and in order to verify if it’s true or not, I took a look at the testimonials, but more on this later. Because it is a new site that uses relatively new technology, it is only natural that it will come with some errors.
If you don’t mind to be a part of an ongoing, progressive project, then you can access this site.
When it comes to prices, you will find that Paper Rater is pretty simple. A neat thing is that you can access what is called the basic plan, which you won’t have to pay. Basically, this means you or anyone else can submit up to six pages that you want to be verified after which you won’t have to use your wallet.
From six pages and up to 15, you would have to pay a one-time fee of $7.95. If you are the type of person who writes a lot and wants a constant evaluation, then you can subscribe to a monthly service that costs $14.95. This choice will allow you to submit how many pages you wish each month.
That being said, you won’t find any discounts there. Also, even if you are a newcomer you won’t benefit from any coupon code. You must also forget about any promo code, as the site works on a simple financial plan.
Customer Reviews
Sadly, the customer reviews aren’t that good. When you consider buying a new product, you should always look at its feedback. The available testimonials that I read had nothing but complaints, although to be fair, they were addressed more to the advertising than to the actual results.
Some clients from felt that they were misguided. For example, one customer subscribed for a premium option and felt that it wasn’t any premium quality to the obtained work. Another client got on the site feeling that she would get 50% off on her subscription. However, that was not the case as she had to pay the full amount.
Customer Support
The low rating of may also come to the complete absence of its customer support. Of course, that may be dependent on the fact that the site is run by AI if we were to believe its creators.
The thing with the current level of AI is that it can only grow as long as it continues to work. So, it will get better along the way. You can say what you think about Grendel (the name of said AI) and point out what errors it made so that its creators can make it better.